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Image by David Jorre

Carbon Capsule

A scientific approach that leads to incredible results

Nutrition has never been so efficient.

At the forefront of agricultural innovation, we unveil our Carbon Capsule Technology, a game-changing advancement in nutrient delivery for modern farming practices. This revolutionary approach seamlessly integrates cutting-edge science with practical agricultural solutions, offering farmers unprecedented benefits across every stage of crop production.

Unprecedented Protection and Precision

Our proprietary Carbon Capsule Technology encapsulates essential micronutrients within carbon capsules, offering unparalleled protection and precision in nutrient delivery. These capsules serve as highly effective carriers, safeguarding micronutrients from environmental factors while ensuring precise release and uptake by plants.

Image by JJ Ying
Image by Victor Grabarczyk

Enhanced Bioavailability and Efficiency

By harnessing the unique properties of carbon-based materials, our technology enhances the bioavailability of macronutrients and micronutrients, maximizing their efficacy in promoting plant growth and productivity. The encapsulation process optimizes nutrient absorption, minimizing losses and maximizing nutrient utilization.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Not only does our Carbon Capsule Technology revolutionize nutrient delivery, but it also prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship. By minimizing nutrient leaching and runoff, our technology promotes efficient nutrient use, reducing environmental impact and contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.


A great technology is a green one.

We have developed a highly environmentally friendly technology, minimizing the flow of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The technology is based on the following principles:

Spatial compactness

Spatial compactness: the enterprise occupies a minimally reasonable territory.

Non-waste technology

Non-waste technology: the environmental strategy of our industrial production is the minimum loss of natural resources along with maximum economic efficiency.

Closed production cycle

Closed production cycle, which allows to keep the environment clean and reduce

the consumption of natural resources.

Absence of toxic chemical

Absence of toxic chemical components in the process chain.

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